Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wild Wacky Weekend

It should have come with a warning tag. After all, who knew when the wrap came Thursday evening that what lay in store was not rest and relaxation, but rather a hodge-podge of "what can we do next" type of line up that left the parental units gasping for a time out!

Michael, The Aussie, Ashley, Stephanie, The Leading Lady, Jack, Israel, Keller, Romy, ?, Lauren, Carson, Dillon, ?, and Caroline

Bowling . . . a movie . . . a 4th of July picnic with fireworks . . .

The Leading Lady, The Aussie, Big Jack, Dillon, Jack, Ned, Israel

. . . rock climbing . . . ROCK CLIMBING?!?!?

Uh, yeah. Rock climbing. :P

Some highlights:

I'm not yet certain as to whether or not we wore them out, or wound them up! The day will tell, as it's another humdinger on tap! Tape rolls at 9.


  1. Oh vay.. that was a lot of activity!

  2. I had wondered if you were entertaining yourselves for the long weekend or if there were planned activities. Wow - that makes me tired to read about it all!

  3. The energy of teenagers amazes me. It's all go, go, go until they finally drop and sleep for 11 hours straight.


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