Sunday, July 12, 2009

Paramedics, Pronto!

Thursday's wrap resulted in work for the Transportation Department. It was necessary to move the whole kit and kaboodle to a new location. Come Friday morning, the entire cast and crew were greeted with a new set-up for their digs. All of this was fine, good for the spirits and morale, to have fresh surroundings.

The went off with nary a hitch, and the close of the work day a dull, boring, run-of-the-mill event ~ until . . .

Until the actors and actresses began their change out of wardrobe. For days folks had joked about the staircase with shark-like teeth. "Be careful!" was a constant refrain, that one did not fall while coming up or down.

No one suspected The Toe Stub.

My son went first ~ successfully marring the front of his big toe as he climbed into the big rig. Yet it was the actress that elicited the call to the paramedics, as the back of her ankle bled profusely after a catch upon the steel edging.

It was the most excitement the paramedic had seen in this shoot. He was THRILLED! to be able to put his skills to work. And work he did - his big black bag jawed wide open, at the ready with all sorts of tools: rubber gloves, peroxide, gauze, bandaids.

All the while, The Actress fawned dramatacism, feining as if she had been cast in a horror film full of blood and gore.


A production of a clean up job for The Actress; a band aid for The Actor, and then, all was well with the world once again.

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