Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Phone Rang

[ . . . continuation of Intermission Ended . . .]

The phone rang, carrying a familiar voice across the miles to my ear. Delighted, I listened intently as the woman on the other end of the line, Ms. M, detailed for me the meandering way in which she discovered my son's involvement with the movie, and how she came to own my phone number once again.

Her son had met The Director in person, trying out for the lead role also ~ at The Director's request. As the cards landed, the lad was not chosen, yet he kept up with the details of the production via imdb.

It was there that Ms. M and her son found my son, listed as the Best Friend. Oh, how they wanted to send congratulations! Yet our contact information had been long lost under the weight of audition sheets and call backs.

Enter a Hollywood event, which Ms. M and her son attended last week Friday. They were delighted to run into old friends ~ only to discover that the young lady before them had just been on set with The Actor a week before! Requesting our information, and receiving it gladly, Ms. M followed through with her congratulatory call.

Congratulations soon fell to discussion of new projects on the horizon for each of our boys. Ms. M detailed her son's most recent accolades, and his newest exciting opportunities. As she did so, a vital piece of information came to light: her son was just slated for a network test for the same project my son was being considered for.

As soon as she spoke this, I knew we would be hearing very, very shortly, as information was being filtered out through agents and managers. I held my breath, and hung up the phone in anticipation.

For the project, of which we've all been on our toes about, The Actor did not receive audience for the network testing. Disappointment? Yes.

Yet, we know that the opportunities to speak with both a well-respected Casting Director and Director in the industry under such special circumstances is to be counted a great honor. All the effort. All the hoops. Was it worth it? Absolutely! No endeavor is without hard work - elbow grease, and it's ups and downs as one makes their way. Bottom line is, my son did his best, without regrets. Therefore, we move forward, knowing this is one of the greater of character qualities.

Today is the network test . . . and our prayers are lifted up on behalf of our friend.

Join us, won't you?

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