Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Two Miles Of Sharing

I can't think of a better way to fire up the blog again, than by sharing photos of today's extravaganza!  My son, having been invited to join Zach Bonner in finishing up his cross-country walk to raise awareness of homeless youth across America, put in his two miles of sharing.  Walking alongside young and old alike, the beautiful Santa Monica day was pristine, the perfect weather in which to get the word out.

Marching across pedestrian walkways in droves to Zach's destination on the Santa Monica pier, the group trekked one of America's cities wearing the highest rate of homelessness as a badge..

As Zach spoke, not full of self-aggrandizement of his own remarkable achievement, but of the statistics associated with homeless youth, one could not help but take note of the homeless individuals about the pier itself.

There they were, unassumingly present, mostly unaware of all of the hub-bub, involved in their own self-absorbed state of being.  The mayor gave a brief address, detailing several families of single women living in their cars, with their children.  Heartbreaking.

Zach's efforts have not gone unseen.  Corporations have aided in funding for various homeless measures nationwide, and Office Depot has generously gifted "ZachPacks" - backpacks filled with notebooks, pencils, and the like, in an effort to put a tangible note on the streets that those who live there are acknowledged.

Congratulations, Zach!  The mere two miles we put in were but a drop in the bucket.  May the fruit of your labor be rewarded by greater knowledge of the need to intervene in this growing problem.

Friday, July 2, 2010

When Night Falls . . .

Grueling heat indexes; humidity to high heaven; dusky takes and reels . . . all of these my son, The Actor had accomplished with nary a complaint.  Last night was a first, however ~ filming in the inky black of night.

Crewmen and women, tugging and pulling on heavy equipment stood silently during takes, and moved with dexterity between them.  Crickets began their song, and baby frogs began hopping across the cement floors of the cityscape.

The cast moved between their places, to a makeshift seating arrangement; all illuminated by floodlights piercing the darkness.

What a process, this filmmaking!

Friday, June 18, 2010


We were scheduled for filming at the Riverwalk.  It was an especially steamy afternoon, and the crew set up a makeshift tent on the lawn overlooking the water, and the walk itself.  All the moms had taken up a seat on the cement staircase nearby, just below the actors and actresses seated under the canopy prepared for them.

Curious passersby soon began meandering through.

One particular woman stopped to inquire of all the goings-on.

She was told, clearly, as to what she was viewing, right down to the 'star power' of those she was looking at.  One little girl in particular held her keen interest.  That little girls' Momma had just finished detailing the daughter's latest resume' endeavor, a popular show on network television.

The stranger peered under the canopy with her hungry-to-see eyes.

Those eyes, growing wide, turned to us with amazement.  The woman spoke:  "Why you're RIGHT!  That is her!" 

 . . . as if we didn't know, or had somehow misspoken . . .


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