Monday, February 15, 2010

That Signature . . .

During the filming of the most recent movie, my son, The Actor, had ample opportunity to pen his name in the book, or upon the notepad of several. It was during one particularly elongated autograph session that The Actor came to realize that there was a better way to stamping his name, than to print. While he was adept as cursive handwriting, as all 15 year olds certainly are, he was content up to that point with a simple signature. Fitting it was, for his life up until that fateful day.

He immediately set about to find his signature style. Practice, practice, practice . . . until, finally, he set his heart upon a new "John Hancock". He has used it with flair over and over again. It's befitting him. It suits his new endeavors. It works. :)

Recently having the opportunity to attend a public screening, the new, fresh face of Hollywood was quickly engaged for none other than: his autograph.

Sign he did. Several folk walked away happy, having spoken to, and having received a simple gift of signature from The Actor and a couple of his Cast mates.

I was gifted with the priviledge of taking photographs. (Although that's no surprise!) lol

So, here we have a charming photo of The Actor and some new Adoring Fans: Mary Jane, and Brisa.

Beautiful young ladies, who, I understand from their mother, are already preparing their friends and family to catch the flick as soon as it hits the theatre's in September!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


I'm about to educate The Actor on the finer points of deductions and withholdings, and the papertrail thereof.


Sunday, February 7, 2010

He Said It Better Than I . . .

It's morning, and my husband has already been surfing the web as if it were his own electronic Sunday paper.

Direct deposited to my inbox, this little item from the CaboZone.

Gee. He said it better and more succinctly than I.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Theatre On Steroids

I had stayed up late reading the first draft of the script, set for a Table Read the next day. I secretly wondered how this would all go down, but I shouldn't have! Sitting in a room full of producers, all huddled about a table lined with the Cast, I, too, heard the words on the page come to life for the very first time.

My son, The Actor, sat amongst the Cast, contributing.

I was stunned. Bring words to life they did . . . and I laughed throughout the presentation. All too soon, it was over, and the real work about to begin. The 50 pages of dialouge would be honed and go through many revisions before the final edit made it to film.





Take after take; revision after revision; change after change.

It was theatre on steroids - a play of sorts, which began one way, but was becoming something quite refined from the original.

A real-time creative collaboration between the Writers, the Producers, and the Cast.

The script changed so many times, one was privy to watch the Cast not in the currently-rehearsing-scene going over the new set of lines handed down in the latest script document of the day.

Finally, the show had to go on.

The final revision was ready . . .

or was it?

As a squirming audience sat in the stadium seats, high above the multi-camera operation on the floor below, the lights were dimmed and Action! declared.

Laughter graced the studio.

Act One, Scene One went off without a hitch.

Act One Scene Two - CUT!

The Director paced, the Producers huddled, the Cast consulted.

Assuming their places, the audience was stunned, then laughed uproariously as the INSTANT REVISION of the script played out before our eyes . . . and it was PERFECT!

The proper way to end the scene; the most likely ending to the hilarity that had gone on before.

Truly, the night was filled with such surprises. A theatre production carries great weight, but none so amazing as that which we witnessed Opening Night: instantaneous story line revision.

The experience made for a memory like no other.

Now, the wait begins to see what they put together as the final product . . .

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Creative Congratulations

Excitement filled the air as the minutes moved forward on Opening Night. What, with balloons in the corner; Executive Producers chatting with Stars just outside the dressing room window; crew folk scurrying this way and that, making final preparations ~ the electricity was contagious!

To top it all off, my son, The Actor was expecting visitors in the audience: his Management Team, and his Grandparents!

How edifying to know that those closest cared enough to be present for his television series debut!

He had just a few moments to spend with Grandma and Grandpa, before he was whisked away to wardrobe. That left the three of us, awaiting the moment when we could take our seats. Chatting, chatting, and finally speaking of one of the ensemble members, we were all stunned as the tiny frame of the very girl herself hopped over the threshhold of the dressing room doorway, a gift for The Actor in tow!

I had already spoken to her earlier in the week: Mom was a big fan!

So, it was a natural extension to ask for a quick pic, before she continued on her gifting rounds!

Before long, it was curtain time, and we were all in for an experience like no other . . .

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