How It All Began

Several folks have asked about our story, how it is that our children came to be a part of the Hollywood scene.  We decided for those who've come behind, yet are enjoying living vicariously through us, we'd put the story in one spot, in one fell swoop.

The following saga is listed from the beginning to current day.  These links will take you to a separate blog.  Enjoy!

Segment 1

Entry #1.  Go Ahead.  Laugh.
Entry #2.  Opportunity Knocked
Entry #3.  The Event Begins
Entry #4.  Of Catwalks and Callbacks, Part 1
Entry #5.  The Pit
Entry #6.  Of Catwalks and Callbacks, Part 2 
Entry #7.  532
Entry #8.  Giants in the Land
Entry #9.  Purple Callback Hibachi Grill
Entry #10.  Tickets.  Check.
Entry #11.  Hollywood Happenings:  The Trip
Entry #12.  Considerations
Entry #13.  Today From LA
Entry #14.  Do You See This Boy?
Entry #15.  Back On An Even Keel
Entry #16.  Contract In The Mail

Segment 2

In progress . . .

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