Monday, July 27, 2009

Greek Myths, Anyone?

Please allow me to get back into the blogging groove, after a weekend of R&R by scrolling through the multitude of photos we've taken on location. Several don't miss it! blog posts are on tap over the next few days!

Today, a brief glimpse into the hair and makeup department, headed by none other than: Medusah.

What a great way to place a memory hook in folks ear, eh? To name one's professional-level skill set as a free-lance contractor under the guise of a famous Greek goddess?

It works.

And, amazingly, the tresses Medusah herself carries look astonishingly close to being legendary!

Each morning, after arriving on location, my son would accomplish two tasks: change clothes, go to hair and makeup.

This tiny cubicle on wheels housed four professionals, all doing what they do best. Coiffure the stars.

Delightful folk, these stuntmen in their own right. Transforming a modern teen into a early 60's icon; a greyheaded star into a youthful father; a regular Joe into a union worker of the era, complete with sideburns.

Yes ~ without this particular arm of the crew, the show would be lacking. Sorely lacking.

After all . . . they tranformed this:

Into this!

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  1. How sophisticated he looks! Mature and ready to handle the world- well armed with the Word!


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