Friday, July 31, 2009


Our first encounter with Maria occured the day after we arrived in Michigan. The Actor was dutifully in the dressing room, changing and trying on different period costume, whilst the L'il Man and I waited at a table nearby.

Maria sat at a sewing machine, her fingers guiding, then flying to tend a seam, then back to guiding again.

She was a cheerful sort, with raven black hair and the body of a glamour girl, despite her more elderly composition. Tasked, yet engaged with what was happening around her, Maria was immediately enamored with the baby.

She had come from a family of seven, Italian in descent, and had four children of her own. Complimenting me on my parenting style of allowing the babe to explore, she began to strike up a friendship with him. L'il Man took to her almost immediately.

The hours upon hours of clothing changes only served to bring about deepening conversation between The Seamstress and I. She had sewn for the industry many, many times ~ including broadway endeavors, and, as if that weren't enough, bridal gowns, christening garments, and more lined the verbal showcase of wares she presented to me.

Maria and I were chatting when we heard news of Michael Jackson's passing, straight from a phone call from Hollywood to the head of the Wardrobe Department. The somber news dampened everyone's spirits, and only served to add to my dismay that I'd likely not see the gregarious woman again after this.

Oh, how wrong I was! Cheers rang out among us as I discovered that Maria was on staff day after day after day - hemming, repairing, replacing fabrics and garments for the multitude of extras and cast members present for the production.

Our friendship continued. Each time location moved, Maria moved with us. A different locale, yet the same, her trusty sewing machine always present.

Our final week spent together gave her pause to finally utilize her handy-dandy lighter-fuse driven power cord . . . resulting in the most unique, yet enjoyable backdrops for creative handiwork yet!

We may never have Maria on board during any future films. However, rest assured ~ no other seamstress . . . regardless of how flambouyant they might be ~ can never erase the mark that Maria left on our hearts.

Maria, we love you!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Beautiful story!

  2. OH, I wanna meet Maria!! Actually, I'd love to be like her and tote my sewing machine and adapter power supply in my van!! heehee! :)

  3. What a nice story!... And wonderful memory too :)


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