Friday, June 18, 2010


We were scheduled for filming at the Riverwalk.  It was an especially steamy afternoon, and the crew set up a makeshift tent on the lawn overlooking the water, and the walk itself.  All the moms had taken up a seat on the cement staircase nearby, just below the actors and actresses seated under the canopy prepared for them.

Curious passersby soon began meandering through.

One particular woman stopped to inquire of all the goings-on.

She was told, clearly, as to what she was viewing, right down to the 'star power' of those she was looking at.  One little girl in particular held her keen interest.  That little girls' Momma had just finished detailing the daughter's latest resume' endeavor, a popular show on network television.

The stranger peered under the canopy with her hungry-to-see eyes.

Those eyes, growing wide, turned to us with amazement.  The woman spoke:  "Why you're RIGHT!  That is her!" 

 . . . as if we didn't know, or had somehow misspoken . . .



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Gang Takes Shape . . .

Eight days into filming, the gaggle of teenagers that comprise the cast have begun to show their true colors.  Friendships are being formed over on-set jokes du jour, and the close proximity in the hair and makeup trailer.

Perhaps the signature definition of the project thus far has been the remake of "Wanna Be A Billionaire" . . . so far, us parents have been innundated to such a degree that we can now sing the song in our sleep, and play the chords verbatim.  :)

So it goes . . .

Sunday, June 13, 2010

A Grueling Work Week

The Actor engaged his trade under some intense conditions this past week.  Extreme and unseasonably hot and humid weather beat upon the cast and crew as they worked outside tirelessly to capture the scenes necessary; followed by a series of days wherein they stood for hours on their feet, with very few breaks, on concrete floors.  Nary a word of complaint was heard from any of them - it was great to see such a fantastic work ethic from them all!

It was also Dad's first time on set, as he took my place at the close of the week, experiencing first hand the detail and nuance of what it means to be behind the scenes in the production of a movie.  All in all, we couldn't be more thrilled with the professionalism of the production company, the hard-working crew, and the noble character of the cast.

Here are a few snapshots from the week!  Enjoy!  :)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Project Begins, As Another Is About To Release!

What an exciting way to start off the Summer of 2010:  beginning work on a new movie project, on the cusp of last summer's efforts about to be released!  Don't miss this flick!  It's going to be a fantastic show!  Coming soon to a theatre near you!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Warehouses, Wood, and Work

What do you get when you combine the three items listed in this blog title?  You get The Actor and his fam, on location, ready to put forth some cinematic effort!  :D

We arrived yesterday to discover some very comfortable accommodations waiting for us.  I might just be in a photographers heaven, there is so much architecture and character to the area!  See for yourself:

The courtyard of this warehouse-turned-condominium building is a sprawling area, with many quiet nooks.  Some reserved for outdoor entertainment; some for quiet reflection; some for simply enjoying nature . . . the privacy afforded here is an urban-dwellers dream!

Even the feral cats think so, as they slink out into the open areas to steal away food left for them by renters and homeowners.  This sly sire of a cat thought he was watching us undetected, hidden away in the lirirope . . . but we knew he was there!

Of course, there was plenty of evidence to remind us we were in the heart of the city!  Such as the water tower, which loomed large above the courtyard, it's tall, lanky legs being hidden by the landscaped trees and shrubbery:

And, who can forget the night time city scape that is always mesmerizing from the top floor:

All the outdoor amenities and visuals are certainly wonderful . . . but indoors?  Oh. my!  

Today on tap?  Wardrobe, rehearsals, and meeting the others!  It's going to be a grand day!  :D
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