Friday, July 3, 2009

A Treat

Amid all the shuffling about to and fro as the crew prepared for the next scene, I made a beeline for an obscure corner and found myself sidled up to The Sound Guy and his bevy of equipment, all strategically stacked on a large steel cart with wheels. With the break on his end of the action, we introduced ourselves one to another and engaged in a bit of small talk.

When the frenzy subsided, and the cast took their place, I found that my out-of-the-way corner actually granted me a vantage point to the screen unobscured by a multitude of others, each also peering to get a good view.

The Sound Guy, who had labeled himself a sort of loner, actually had the best seat in the house by virtue of his task. I stood by and watched.

The next day, again in need of making sure I was out of the way, I returned to his little corner of the set. Smiles, warm greetings, more conversation.

My son was up next, a scene designed to create tension toward the greater plot for the main character. I scooted closer to the screen.

The Sound Guy then offered a most generous offering: he secured another headset to a battery pack and handed it to me.

Smiling, I took it, and for the next 15 minutes watched take after take of my son - and heard every word as though I were hearing it as a part of the finished product in a movie theatre! The quality was top notch, bar none!

What a thrill, a fantastic end to a full week's work!


  1. Very cool! Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. :D

  2. How fun, Angie! It's great to hear how the movie industry works from an insiders point of view. I'm loving these posts.


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