Saturday, July 18, 2009

All In A Day's Work

Wenesday, July 15: Honor request to complete taped audition. Submit via www.

Friday, July 17, 3:05 pm:

Never mind that I was in the middle of my first meal of the day, well into the afternoon hours. It was a hold day, and my son and I had already performed the second of three audition requests, during his free time. I had released him to do boy things based on my hunger. He was soon off with his film mate, The Aussie, as he also had the day to do as he pleased.

My dinner was delicious! Rice, veggies . . . it couldn't get any better, any more satisfying.

The phone rang.

3:33 pm:

An energized, and slightly frenzied manager's assistant was on the other end of the line. Casting loved his tape ~ could my son resubmit with a few changes ~ by 3 pm pacific time??


3:37 pm:

I finally wrangled my server, paid my tab, and headed to the car, ready to find my son and get to work.

3:41 pm:

Enroute, the phone rings.

Mistake!! Can I put the actor on a conference call, before 3 pm pacific time?

But of course ~ consider me on standby.

3:45 pm:

Phone rings.

Agent on the line. Repeat of previous information. Confirmation of standby status. Arrive at apartment, look for son.

3:47 pm:

Found son, phone rings in hand, cleaning lady turns on vacuum cleaner, baby cries.

3:48 pm:

Door shut, baby sequestered with friend, Agent, Casting Director, my son and myself in conference.

3:57 pm:

Conference completed, changes requested, committment to retape established.

3:58 pm:

Cleaning lady exits room. Baby plays contentedly. Son and friend are nonplussed. They want to go rock climbing.

Mom faints.

4:00 pm:

Mom drives to gym, wondering how she managed to get herself into all of this, when all she really wanted was . . .




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