Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The gymnasium is currently filled with upwards of 50-75 kids, all called in from a previously held open casting call for extras. There is a buzz that continuously hums from the room, as each hopes to be seen in the background, or perhaps even be given an ad-lib line out of the blue.

Sitting at long tables in the center, this group and their parent or guardian wait out the interminable waits that are common fodder for this type of venture. Boredom might be an option, or even an experience, but for these extra cast members, the day is certainly dotted with plenty of clout-building happenstance so as to impress peers that weren't able to make it.

For instance: on one wall wardrobe has set up shop. Racks and racks of era clothing line the edifice. Nearby, makeshift dressing rooms are erected with oversized sheets and construction paper signs indicate "boy" or "girl." The seamstress has set up a tidy little corner all her own complete with an ironing board and light, and thread and other tools of her trade. Both boys and girls come and go from this staging area, in various forms of dress, fashion statements of the late 50's abounding.

Meanwhile, in another corner, the 'salon' is open for business. Haircuts, curling irons, mousse, gel, ribbons and hairspray, all in continual motion, create a cloud of visual activity to entertain even the boredest of participants. The latest and greatest trend of 2009 gives way to transformed figures of stalwart, pressed, pristine appearance.

All are in hopes that the next time a crew member weilding a cord about the back of his ear enters the room, they will be called.

No one however, was ready for two events, remarkable to the occassion. The moment when The Director made a personal appearance to decisively hand select boys for one scene ~ and the fateful day when The Actor and The Aussie sauntered in after lunch.

At the sight of them, the sound of books being whipped out at an alarming rate, filled the room, and soon a crowd had gathered about the two lads.

"May I have your autograph, please?" came the requests, as one by one they obliged, for as long as time would allow.


  1. How exciting! Maybe I should buy the book and send it to you! LOL

  2. So funny. Jordan said the same thing as we left your house that day, "Mom, I should have asked him to give me his book and sign it!" So glad things are going well for you all. Thanks for sharing all the details. Makes for a fun read in the mornings. Even Chris has been known to peer over my shoulder for this one!


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