Friday, March 19, 2010

Celebrating Other's Milestones

My son was showered and ready to go in fifteen minutes flat ~ a record, really.  It came at the close of a busy, whirlwind kind of day, one that culminated in a social event that was sure to please.

And please it did.

We arrived at the posh digs with the multitude, all seeking a place within at the various functions that were going on.  Navigating our way through the myriad of hallways and foyers, we finally found our destination, and the reason why we were there.

The Vocalist had released an album.  A teen songbird, celebrating alongside his production team and musicians.  There were plenty of folks out to celebrate with him.

Among those present, were familiar faces:

The Manager, and the Management Team:

Friends known . . .

 . . . and friends found new . . .

One thing was quite certain.  My son, The Actor, had a very, very good time!

In two weeks, The Vocalists' album will be released at Wal-Mart stores nationwide!  Stay tuned for news on "Whatever You Need"!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Furry Formalities

It was a bow-wow of a great time last night, as my son, The Actor took Annie Hall the Border Collie to her very first publicity event.  Oh, all right.  It was The Actor's first official PR event as well ~ but whose counting?  :D

A great time was had by all, fur and flesh alike!

Raising awareness of responsible dog ownership, the Four Legged Friends Foundation put together a great group of animal advocates, animal lovers, and dog enthusiasts.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Nancy, Stop Nibbling Your Nails . .. !

"Just wait until you've done two network tests in one day.  It'll take you to a whole new level of neuroses." 
                                                                                    - The Manager

In Summary . . .

This morning my inbox housed a link provided by the GilGuy, which took me straight to a review of last night's taping of the new sitcom.  Since this individual has commented several times on the show, I was familiar with the site.  While we were not present at last night's filming, I do agree, based on last week's experience, as to the atmosphere and camaraderie that has been developed on set.

Take a read for yourself, and enjoy an objective, behind the scenes look at this new series!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Chemistry Reads Throughout The Generations

In anticipation of an audition by The Actor called a Chemistry Read, I placed a phone call to my husband.  Chatting about this read my husband remarked:

"You know, when I was 15, I was doing Chemistry Reads also . . . and placing top in the state!"

Of course, he was speaking of actual beakers and formulas; mineral composition and the Table of Elements.

Oh, what different personnas they are - the father and the son!  Oh, what different paths their lives seem to take . . .

Nevertheless, the Chemistry Read in Hollywood is a very good thing.

Welcome to Hollywood, Daddy-O.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soothing The Clamoring Crowds

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . I've been tardy on the recent posts.  All my creative energies have gone toward revamping this blog site.  And besides:  it's not so easy keeping up with this lad, let me tell ya!

So, today, a gratuitous quick pic: a moment with Hair and Makeup, taken just moments prior to the taping of the most recent episode last week.

When he's not auditioning, or schooling, or taping, or sleeping - he's busy at work writing his very first screenplay.  I've stood back and watched as he diligently puts his thoughts to paper, this time, in script-speak.  I'm excited to read it.

Who knows what is around the next corner?  I'll keep ya filled in more regularly, folks.  I promise.  :D
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