Monday, February 15, 2010

That Signature . . .

During the filming of the most recent movie, my son, The Actor, had ample opportunity to pen his name in the book, or upon the notepad of several. It was during one particularly elongated autograph session that The Actor came to realize that there was a better way to stamping his name, than to print. While he was adept as cursive handwriting, as all 15 year olds certainly are, he was content up to that point with a simple signature. Fitting it was, for his life up until that fateful day.

He immediately set about to find his signature style. Practice, practice, practice . . . until, finally, he set his heart upon a new "John Hancock". He has used it with flair over and over again. It's befitting him. It suits his new endeavors. It works. :)

Recently having the opportunity to attend a public screening, the new, fresh face of Hollywood was quickly engaged for none other than: his autograph.

Sign he did. Several folk walked away happy, having spoken to, and having received a simple gift of signature from The Actor and a couple of his Cast mates.

I was gifted with the priviledge of taking photographs. (Although that's no surprise!) lol

So, here we have a charming photo of The Actor and some new Adoring Fans: Mary Jane, and Brisa.

Beautiful young ladies, who, I understand from their mother, are already preparing their friends and family to catch the flick as soon as it hits the theatre's in September!

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