Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Soothing The Clamoring Crowds

Yeah, yeah, yeah . . . I've been tardy on the recent posts.  All my creative energies have gone toward revamping this blog site.  And besides:  it's not so easy keeping up with this lad, let me tell ya!

So, today, a gratuitous quick pic: a moment with Hair and Makeup, taken just moments prior to the taping of the most recent episode last week.

When he's not auditioning, or schooling, or taping, or sleeping - he's busy at work writing his very first screenplay.  I've stood back and watched as he diligently puts his thoughts to paper, this time, in script-speak.  I'm excited to read it.

Who knows what is around the next corner?  I'll keep ya filled in more regularly, folks.  I promise.  :D


  1. Oh Angi! I wish y'all weren't clear across the country! DD loves all things screen-plays, writing, directing, Hollywood....I think she and Israel could be friends! And who knows, they could work on a project together one day!?!? :o) Gina

  2. I'm most certain they'd make a great collaborative team!! :D


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