Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's All In Who Ya Know

At a recent coaching session, my son, the actor and I were privy to the coach greeting a well-known and popular actor, as he walked in the door of the little coffee shop that we'd employed to go over the scripts.

"Now there is one fine actor!" my sons coach shouted out.

"Why, those are good words to hear, first thing in the morning!" the man replied, with a broad, beaming smile.

He made eye contact first with the coach, then me, then my son, as a few more pleasantries were exchanged.

I looked square into his face with absolute recognition that he was indeed, a very common sight on television and movies. His full length wool coat kept him safe from the unusual high winds and chill in the air in Southern California, and the coffee he ordered served to warm him from within.

Soon, our immediate conversation came to a close, and it was time to go.

I had meant to ask Coach the man's name after he left ~ after all, even though I recognized him, I certainly couldn't remember his name! However, the thought escaped me, and we were off, before I could do so.

I decided to text Coach, to make up for lost time in the matter:

Me: I forgot to ask . . . the man you gave a shout out to this morn ~ I recognized him, but I couldn't place his name?

Coach: Me neither . . . whoops!

Me: LOL That's great! I'm not an entertainment industry flunkie after all! lol


  1. LOL - that is funny!

  2. Great! So now none of us will ever know....hee hee


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