Friday, January 29, 2010

First Interview

I know . . . I know . . .

There are HUNDREDS of details and plenty of stories to share about Opening Night at Stage 9 ~ today, however? I bring you the story of The Tree.

Yes, you see - The Tree stood between my son, The Actor and I as he gingerly and excitedly stepped his way through his very first Hollywood interview.

We previously had it all mapped out. A perfect plan. Since an audition was occurring within a timely fashion post-phone interview, I, the driver, determined that we'd arrive near our destination, so we'd not be on the road, nor distracted when the discussion began. I'd take L'il Man for a walk and allow The Actor a Cone of Silence in the car.

It just so happened that L'il Man fell asleep, so the need to remove him from the premises was no longer necessary. Upon reaching the intended party, however, the cell phone reception was sketchy.

Nonplussed, The Actor hopped out of the car, redialed the number of his appointment, and began talking with great animation and motion . . . all on the sidewalk of a well-to-do LA neighborhood.

This left me with nothing to do. So, I grabbed my camera, and played paparazzi!

I quickly discovered the task not for the faint of heart.

Just between you, me, and The Tree ~ I think he did a mighty fine job discussing his new television series with Melody Simpson. Don't you? :D


  1. He sounds so mature, Ang!! The confidence ooozes....

  2. Great interview :) Loved the head shot she chose as well. Can't help it- pics are my thing. Keep that camera handy...:)

  3. Excellent interview!! He's so articulate and mature! Can't wait to see the show and the movie.

  4. Congrats Israel - looking forward to the show and the movie!

  5. He did beautiful! Your famous honey sent me the link before I found yours this time! Congrats on Tiff's purchase as well!

  6. I particularly like the part where he thanked HIS MOM!


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