Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's been a busy week for my son, the actor. So busy, in fact, that the schedule really cut in to his regularly programmed sleeping schedule. Not accustomed to rising so early the sun isn't shining, this was the scene Monday afternoon, after a day of rigor:

Yes, he's really sleeping before sundown. :)

Each day has been full, filled with its' own unique set of events. Day One, the Table Read net a few twitpics, originally posted on the fan page of the sitcom's Facebook:

A pic of the gorgeous and hilarious Josh Lawson, for the Auss... on Twitpic Ricky Blitt at our first table reading for Romantically Chall... on Twitpic 1st table read for Romantically Challenged is done. Look how ... on Twitpic

Day Two, plenty of schoolin' and script revision:

Day Three, more run-throughs, and multiple changes of clothing:

Today? Cameras in place, more run through's and pre-shoots. There's always something to do, when your son is an actor . . .


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