Thursday, June 3, 2010

Warehouses, Wood, and Work

What do you get when you combine the three items listed in this blog title?  You get The Actor and his fam, on location, ready to put forth some cinematic effort!  :D

We arrived yesterday to discover some very comfortable accommodations waiting for us.  I might just be in a photographers heaven, there is so much architecture and character to the area!  See for yourself:

The courtyard of this warehouse-turned-condominium building is a sprawling area, with many quiet nooks.  Some reserved for outdoor entertainment; some for quiet reflection; some for simply enjoying nature . . . the privacy afforded here is an urban-dwellers dream!

Even the feral cats think so, as they slink out into the open areas to steal away food left for them by renters and homeowners.  This sly sire of a cat thought he was watching us undetected, hidden away in the lirirope . . . but we knew he was there!

Of course, there was plenty of evidence to remind us we were in the heart of the city!  Such as the water tower, which loomed large above the courtyard, it's tall, lanky legs being hidden by the landscaped trees and shrubbery:

And, who can forget the night time city scape that is always mesmerizing from the top floor:

All the outdoor amenities and visuals are certainly wonderful . . . but indoors?  Oh. my!  

Today on tap?  Wardrobe, rehearsals, and meeting the others!  It's going to be a grand day!  :D


  1. I love that brick as well!! Thanks for topping this off with a peek at the Little Man. ;)

  2. Those are my kind of digs! Photo ops are great as well. :)


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