Monday, June 29, 2009

The First Day

The first day of filming arrives, and a gaggle of girls have already have their hair and makeup done, ready in a moment's notice to change into costume. The sun has climbed upward in the sky, but there's a catch. The forecast threatens the outdoor scenes.

If sunny, then . . .; if cloudy, then . . .

Waiting in the wings becomes an exercise in self-control, the alleviation of boredom for the gaggle - and electronic distraction for The Actor.

A tensioned contrast between the appearance of the era of days gone by: sharp creased pants, high waistbands, button down plaid shirts, loafers or dress shoes daily; and a gadget that connects a global community, a world of information at the touch of a finger.

The clock ticks, the wait lengthens, the restrained energy is channeled into a focused activity.

Steel stairs, wooden floor, cocooned respite.

Production personnel, walkie talkies, handlers of all sorts, awaiting the cue.

In an instant, a decisive moment, the two potential course of action are chucked in favor of plan three: do tomorrow's work today.

Hustle, bustle, take and retake, hold the traffic! action! cut! that's a wrap!

Shaking hands, smiling crew, blue eyes of warm greeting, thanks and good-nights.

A job well done, the first day.

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