Sunday, June 28, 2009

Boys Will Be Boys

It was the first official "down day." A day to relax, be relieved of any pressing need to be here or there at a specified time. Of course, as the first official weekend in a new area, who wanted to sleep all day? It was time to hit the sights of the surrounding city!

The Actor and his new pal, The Aussie were very jazzed about the prospect of an all-day-do-nothing! They inquired of The Leading Lady and the ever-so-cute Supporting Actress their plans.

Alas! Family plans would take them away . . . it would just be the boys ~ and I? The Driver.

We decided to hit the mall first. I inquired of The Actor the whereabouts of the stroller I had brought inside the night before. Gallantly, he opened a foyer closet door, revealing the item inside. Perfect. Please get it out for me.

That's when the first sign of boyish antics were revealed.

The stroller was over sized, or the closet miniature . . . either way, it didn't want to come out. It would take the skills and muscular effort of them both:

Pull! Tug!!
And then, we were off.

As the official driver, my first instructions were: If you see us in the mall ~ you don't know us!


However, I graciously complied.

I was a bit surprised when, after about two hours, the boys located me, ready to go . . . and in no way worried about being seen with me. :P

We then traveled to a local retail store, where they purchased several boxes of "poppers" ~ the fire-cracker-like little pods that snap loudly when thrown on the floor.

And then, a request for McDonald's.

Herein I learned something very cool.

In America, we've nicknamed McDonald's "Mickey-D's" or "McD's" . . .

In Australia? McDonald's is lovingly called: "Macker's."

I like it. :D

While at the Macker's counter, we realized ~ we've been shielded from the population at large. Those we've come in contact with have been those who discretely interact with us, sans any groupie behaviors.

Not so at Mackers.

You see, The Aussie approached the counter to order . . . and the clerk thrilled over his accent.

"You must be here as an exchange student?" she pried.

"No, I'm here working." he carefully responded, his brogue betraying his heritage.

"Working? You? You're so young!" - she pressed the issue.

"I'm an actor." The Aussie stated bluntly, hoping to pass over the discussion.

Like that was going to happen.

The clerk shrieked. "OH MY GOSH!! A REAL LIVE ACTOR?!?!?" and so on . . .

Pretty soon both boys were simultaneously amused and chagrined as the tumultuous flap had it's way with the Macker's clerk.

Finally seated, I couldn't help but delight in the boys lack of regard as to what had just happened.

They wolfed down their burgers as any normal teen boy would be wont to do, and turned their attention on making noise with those firecrackers . . .


  1. Mackers... I like it!

    And so funny how they move on after that experience... no biggie!

  2. I told my son about "Mackers," and I'm guessing it'll be a new one around here! I think it's wonderful that these two young men have hit it off so quickly. What an awesome experience for both of them!!


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