Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sensational Sixth Grade

Sixth grade marked a turning point for my son.  It was the year our family began homeschooling in earnest.  Sure, his older sister had homeschooled her senior year of high school - but that was different.  This?  This change to the schedule was prompted by various reasons, brought to the forefront by Hurricane Katrina.

Little did we know, those years ago, that the decision to home educate would be such a benefit to our family's forward motion to come.  Without the flexibility provided by homeschooling, we'd be sitting ducks in this industry.

Yet, elementary school held alot of pleasant, memories for my boy.  So, when the opportunity to give back, and reconnect came along, he was all over it with joy.

Here are photos from a recent book signing at West Wortham Elementary school ~ my son donated a copy of the novel upon which his upcoming movie is based.  Then, he gave a presentation about what it is like to work as a thespian, and the importance of reading.

Here, he is educating the class about scripts, and how they are read and written differently.  He directed this set of children in a small scene from the movie.

Ready for some Q & A ~

Handwritten notes with an autograph!

Some favorite and past teachers:  The Librarian, Mrs. Debbie; Gifted Class, Mrs. Trigg; and Third Grade, Mrs. Martin:

The event was enjoyable for everyone!

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